Reds E-Juice - Apple Original 60ml
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Reds E-Juice - Apple Original 60ml

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Ripe apples! Yes, that’s right straight to the heart red apples.Flavor, feel and aroma. Everything about this ejuice is pure apple bliss. If you have been hunting for the right apple ejuice. Look no farther. This is it!

The blissful mix of apples with cream will really sweep you off your feet.High VG ratio is also a contributor to this awesomeness.Mixology is perfect. Vape after vape bliss is the only thing you get. That’s the thing you wanted also right. Cloud formation is good.Nicotine on offer is humble. Therefore this juice also scales high on the kick factor.

Nothing seems to be bad here. 60ml is the bottle which is a safe bet for new users. Come and enjoy the apple bliss.

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