Juicy AF Watermelon Salt Ice 100ml
Juicy AF

Juicy AF Watermelon Salt Ice 100ml

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First of all Juicy AF Watermelon ICE will give you a sweet icy watermelon punch flavor. Packed in 100 ml bottles and available in 0, 3 and 6 mg of nicotine. as a result it will for sure to fruitalize your life.

Our Brand brings you the juicy fruity flavors e juices that is ready to make your mood fruity.

Same delicious jolly watermelon hard candy flavor with an exhale of ice perfect for ex menthol smokers or anyone who want a cool aftertaste.

Astonishing Watermelon Melon Hard Candy Flavored E-Liquid infused with Ice.

Is one of the best Melon Flavored ejuice flavors in the vaping industry today. Watermelon Ice Melon Candy 100ml e-juice is smooth and sweet at the same time.

Creating an enjoyable vape experience for all Icy Watermelon Flavor lovers.

Succulent vape flavor that packs a punch of flavor which will catch you by surprise and be hard to put down.

This flavour with the size of 100ml e liquid will be your new favorite go-to vaping liquid after the first puff.

Same Delicious Watermelon Candy Flavor With An Exhale Of Perfect For Ex Menthol Smokers.

The name Juicy AF says that the ejuice offers mouth-watery juicy fruit and candy flavors for all the vape lovers to vape all day long.

Finally Enjoy the 3 Flavors to enrich your taste buds.


FLAVOR: Watermelon ICE



VG/PG: 70/30

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